Belo Medical Group | Smart Lipo | Prices per Area

Belo Medical Group | Smart Lipo | Prices per area


As years pass, liposuction has been a famous cosmetic trend all over the world, people of different races would spend a bunch of their riches just to have the perfect body of their dreams. And of course, the Philippines is on the list. Who would not want a perfect body anyway?

Liposuction surgeries have been evolving too fast. In today’s generation, I may not call it as a “surgery” anymore because as years pass by, the bloody and messy traditional liposuction becomes the finest and cleanest surgery. No blood, no cuts; just less pain and less complications. Who wouldn’t want that? Technology really is inevitably improving and it continuously amazes everybody.

Belo Medical Group, the famous! the fab! the celebrity’s Doctor!, currently offers the smartest and newest Liposuction in town. They call it the ” Smart Lipo”. Dr. Vicky Belo’s Smart Lipo was brought in the Philippines after she stepped back from a trip to Milan, Italy. Looks like traveling brings fortune huh?

Anyhow, Smart lipo uses an advanced laser technology which can amazingly remove those annoying fats without losing a single drop of your blood. Smart indeed! a fancy-bloodless surgery that everyone would definitely love!


How does Belo’s Smart lipo works?

  • Smart lipo is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure. It can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • A very tiny tube , about 1mm in size, with laser fiber is inserted through your skin.
  • With the laser’s emission through the skin, those ugly fat cells burst and melt, making them easier to be removed.
  • The laser closes the blood vessels which prevents bleeding, swelling and bruising.
  • Also, the laser allows the skin to have more contractions thus no more saggy skin after the treatment.
  • Results are evident after few days, but usually appreciated after 6 weeks where most swelling is gone.
  • Smart lipo assures faster and easier recovery.
  • A safer procedure, with lesser complications.

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