Breast Augmentation Philippines | Who’s the Best Surgeon?

  • A significant number of women believe that getting a bigger size of breasts is a big achievement-  It may be an achievement of beauty…an achievement of sexiness… Or may be an achievement of attracting more boys? lol!

    Let’s not deny the fact that most guys prefer bigger and sexier boobs- and I certainly agree with that. I think it’s hot and gorgeous- in a conservative sense ;). It’s like big boobs make women look like a real woman- though transvestites nowadays get the biggest ones! *laughs*


    Kidding aside,  breast augmentation  is one of the famous cosmetic surgeries in various aesthetic centers. It is indeed an expensive procedure, but as they say- nothing is impossible if you have a good pile of cash.

    I took a quick glimpse in some of breast augmentation services in the Philippines and found out that there is a huge number of doctors and surgical clinics offering the service. This may mean that breast augmentation is a highly-sought-after surgery by many of our Filipino women.  Even some huge billboards along EDSA depicts the demand.

    How to spot the right surgeon for Breast Augmentation

    Getting the right cosmetic surgeon is probably the most crucial challenge that you must  surpass. There is a vast array of surgeons who offer breast augmentation and  not all of them are competent enough to deliver proper and safe surgery.

    There are a lot of fake doctors who claim to know about cosmetic surgery. Remember, this involves your body, health and safety. If you fall into the pit of getting the wrong surgeon then there is no turning back. Thus, Beware! If you think the instinct of your gut tells you that it’s not the right surgeon then run away!

    Here are some tips on how to find your best cosmetic surgeon:

    • First. Learn how to ask…and ask some more. Asking some of your friends and doctors is a way to start and hit the bulls-eye. Referrals and recommendations from past experiences can lead you to the right path.
    • Research. Once you have spotted a prospect surgeon, research about his or her credentials. Know more about his training ground.  And make sure he specializes in breast augmentation.
    • Experience is a must. Get a surgeon who performs an ample number of breast augmentation surgery in a regular basis. An extensive experience is very imperative to get a sure hit.
    • Talent. Not all surgeons have a good package of “aesthetic eye”. Artistically speaking, a talented surgeon must know how to depict a perfect set of breasts. Not only big  breasts but proportional to all areas of the body.
    • Get Comfy. Find a surgeon that you feel comfortable  talking with, someone who knows how to listen to your plans and desires, and patient enough to answer all of your questions.
    • Talk. Speaking with your surgeon is imperative. Ask him various questions about the surgery and see whether his philosophy of the surgery is impressive and realistic. Also, talk with the previous patients of the surgeon.
    • Observe. Look around each corner of the surgeon’s facility. Observe the results of the prior patients and ask about their experiences. Look through pictures of previous patients to make sure that the work you see matches your expectations and desired outcomes.
    • Reputation. Make sure he has privileges to do the same procedure at major or local hospitals. The requirements are usually strict and can highly indicate competence.

    To sum it up, if you are really planning to get you breasts done then do your assignments and you will naturally lead yourself to a highly competent cosmetic surgeon who will make you feel that getting a breast augmentation is not only something hot and sexy, but also a safe and appropriate procedure.

    One last thing…

    Who’s your Best Choice for Breast Augmentation Surgery, Belo or Calayan?







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