Dermaroller for Deep Acne Scars | Does it Really Work?

    • What is Dermaroller?

      Dermaroller is literally a roller tube with a bunch of micro needles sticking out of it. And the idea? well, you roll it over the skin,  the needles puncture the skin, and the result should be a well-stimulated skin collagen.

      What Do Dermatologists Say about Dermarollers?



      Nothing can definitively get rid of old acne scars if they are substantial, but significant improvements in your skin tone are possible. I myself have not tried this cosmetic gadget or the procedure itself, however some dermatologists believed that when used appropriately, improvement in post acne scars can be achieved.

      In some facilities, the dermarollers are part of chronic deep acne scar  management. However, the benefit is somewhat limited and may need to be done in several sessions– several treatments are often required for more extensive scarring.

      Some experts believe that Dermarolling is helpful in managing stable acne scars. This treatment can be combined with certain laser treatments for optimal results. Below are some treatments which showed beneficial results when used with dermarollers:

      • Fractional CO2 Laser
      • Sculptra injections
      • Fractional Erbium Laser (Sciton Profactional)
      • Surgical Dermabrasion ( with wire brush or diamond head)
      • Oral and Topical Nutriceautical regime

      The combination treatment mentioned above offers modest to significant improvement in some patient population, depending on the degree of baseline scarring.



      On the contrary, some cosmetic doctors would consider “dermarolling” as a waste of time and money. Some doctors have concluded that there is not a shred of evidence that this does anything except to inflict pain. For them, dermarollers will never work with any scars especially when used as a single mode of treatment.

      I once asked a doctor about dermarollers and she said:

       ” This won’t work with deep acne scars, it only uses small needles which penetrate the epidermis but do not go into the superficial dermis- these scars are deep in the dermis and obviously beyond the reach of the dermaroller.”

      “Rather than wasting your money on a relatively ineffective treatment, I encourage you to spend money on a consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist who can personally assess you and make an informed recommendation regarding what will work for you.”

      So What is Best For Deeper Acne Scars?


      Well, a cosmetic surgeon mentioned about the  procedure called “Subcision“. The idea is making a new and better scar out from the old one- the scar is released from the underlying normal tissue and removed.

      In skilled hands,  Subcision may work successfuly for deeper scars such as the ice pick scar.  This treatment can be combined with Fractionated lasers or Fillers.

      At present, there is no magic wand for instant and complete elimination of deep acne scars. It is always imperative that you ask your physician, be it a board certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist,  who is familiar with pertinent technologies to guide you through all the marketing hype we see around us.

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