Dermcare| Worth a try?

Dermcare| Worth a try?

Dermcare spa and wellness

I never thought that one of Dermcare’s branches would be a hundred steps away from my workplace. And guess what? one of my workmates is an avid customer of Dermcare clinic. Well, to my curiosity I asked her about the HOW’s of the clinic, how was the services? how’s their products? how’s their staffs? and whatnots…Well fortunately, her feedbacks were nice and sweet  which can mean it’s really worth a try.

Knowing that Dermcare is just a cart-wheel away, i personally went to the clinic and ask a bit of information about their products and services. I actually took a stolen picture of the outside view of the clinic, but I was told not to do so for privacy reasons ( then they should probably hide in the cave! lol!).

Kidding aside, the staffs were welcoming ( they really should!), they even asked me to try one of their facial treatments. However, i declined ( i don’t think i need a facial treatment. Should I? Lol!). To my observation, the clinic looks pretty well, the ambiance was relaxing and the lights were cool. I asked a piece of brochure for my reference in case i stumble on one of their clinics in the future, at least i would be able to make my pocket ready before i fight the!


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