Glutathione Injections | Side Effects may Cause Death?

    • Glutathione injections have been out in the cosmetic market for quite sometime now. Interestingly, the demands are in an all-time high despite of its costly value.”If you crave for a not-just-white-but-glowing skin, then go grab these injections and you’ll never regret”- this is one of the promises of Glutathione…But the question is, can it also promise us safety?


      A few days back, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Glutathione injections were not safe for the sole purpose of skin whitening. Additionally, FDA Director Suzette Lazo emphasized that the use of Glutathione was never approved as a skin whitener.


      A huge number of Filipinos are using Glutathione injections as one of their beauty secrets. I even personally know some people who use the drug and never did I encounter a single complaint from any of them.  And by the way, they were using the authentic ones…

      So what really is the issue? Well, i can spot two…It’s either you get a genuine glutathione injection and enjoy its benefits or be fooled and take the fake ones then end up getting all the fatal effects…

      Anyhow, the bottom line is  “It’s always better to be safe than sorry”.So think twice! Here are some of the mentioned side effects and complications of Glutathione injections

      Side effects of Glutathione Injections


      • Skin whitening ( the most famous side effect!)
      • Hair loss
      • White spots on the nails
      • Numbness of extremities
      • Shivers and shakes
      • Depression and anxiety

      Complications of Glutathione Injections


      Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome


      • Allergy or Anaphylaxis ( manifested by difficulty of breathing,tightness of chest, rashes, hives,and swollen skin)
      • Systemic Infection
      • Stevens–Johnson Syndrome
      • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis or Lyell’s Syndrome

      Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis


      • Kidney Failure
      • Thyroid Dysfucntion
      • Severe abdominal pain

      Contraindications of Glutathione Injections


      Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome

      • Never use for people under chemotherapy. It may decrease the potency of anti-cancer drugs.
      • Not advised for people with chronic kidney failure and liver problem because it may cause digestive complications such as sever pain and persistent diarrhea.
      • Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
      • May worsen asthmatic episodes, thus it is not recommend for asthmatic individuals.

      The use of this drug should always be closely monitored by a medical professional. Do not self administer, always consult an expert for a proper assessment and accurate advice. This substance does not promise absolute results for everyone. Remember, our body is uniquely created, what’s effective to others may not be effective to you. Always seek medical advice.

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